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Specials: bespoke products
The strength of Vermeulen Fasteners is the production of specials. These specials can be manufactured according to a drawing or a sample. The types of material that can be used to manufacture specials are: Steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper. Metric, Metric Fine, UNC, UNF and BSW are all possible with us. Furthermore, Vermeulen B.V. is the right address for straightening and cutting of knuckle thread.

Examples of our specials
Some examples of our specials are:
Bolts with cross, torx, hexagon socket or slot
(hexagonal) flange bolts
Allen screws
Curved locking bolts
Hollow nails
King pins with groove
King pins with drill hole through the steel
Track bolts
Weld ends
Cut-off ends
Pins or joggles with or without head
Hinge pins with or without notch
Stud bolts
U yokes
Inserted tongues
Punch parts
Turn parts